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“Analyzing a Three-Year Decline: Uncovering the Reduction in Gas Cylinder Prices and Present Rates”.

“Analyzing a Three-Year Decline: Uncovering the Reduction in Gas Cylinder Prices and Present Rates”.

It has been reported that the cost of domestic gas cylinders has recently undergone a reduction of Rs.100 nationwide, marking the second price cut in the last six months. This translates to a cumulative decrease of Rs.300 within the span of half a year. Upon reviewing the historical data on domestic gas cylinder prices, TV9 Digital’s Business Desk team discovered that these prices have now reached a three-year low.

The most recent price adjustment, implemented by the central government, has brought down the cost of a domestic gas cylinder in various major cities. In the national capital, Delhi, the current price stands at Rs.803, while Kolkata sees a reduced price of Rs.829, Mumbai at Rs.802.50, and Chennai at Rs.818.50. Notably, this is the lowest pricing observed in the last three years.

To provide context, on February 25, 2021, the cost of a domestic gas cylinder in Delhi was Rs.794. By March 9, 2021, it hit its lowest point at Rs.819. Subsequently, the price remained at Rs.809 for three consecutive months, and despite subsequent fluctuations, it has now settled at Rs.803, the lowest in approximately three years.

Remarkably, this recent reduction brings the domestic gas cylinder prices below Rs.900, a level last recorded in October 2021 when the price was Rs.899.50 in Delhi. From April to October 2021, prices fluctuated between Rs.900 and Rs.800 before reaching the current level of Rs.803, reflecting an increase of Rs.90.50.

Over the past 38 months, there have been a total of 15 changes in domestic gas cylinder prices, encompassing both reductions and increases. In 2021, changes occurred nine times within the year, whereas in 2022, the frequency decreased to four changes. Notably, only two adjustments were made in 2023, with an increase of Rs.50 on March 1, 2023, and a subsequent reduction of Rs.200 on August 30, 2023.

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