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“Director Faces Big-League Industry Challenges”

“Director Faces Big-League Industry Challenges”

The remarkable success of “Karthikeya 2” at the Bollywood box office, following closely after “The Kashmir Files,” has propelled director Chandoo Mondeti into the limelight of the big leagues. Previously, there were talks circulating that the director was in talks to helm a project with Hrithik Roshan under the Geetha Arts banner. However, he ultimately chose to direct Naga Chaitanya’s “Thandel,” opting for a story penned by a newcomer.

With the recent announcement of Chandoo’s involvement in “Karthikeya 3,” some observers are questioning whether he is limiting himself to Tier-2 heroes in Tollywood. Despite possessing the potential to work with major stars both in Telugu and Bollywood, questions arise as to why he consistently selects actors like Nikhil and Naga Chaitanya for his projects. These two remain the only star heroes he has directed in his career thus far.

While some view this pattern as indicative of Chandoo’s struggle to break into the upper echelons of the industry, insiders suggest that he may simply be content with the offers he receives and not actively pursuing opportunities with bigger names. However, sources connected to major stars suggest that the director’s scripts may not inherently possess the grandeur required to accommodate superstars, leading to the current trend in his filmography.

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