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The Telangana assembly was shaken.

The Telangana assembly was shaken.

The Telangana Assembly was in turmoil. At the assembly stage, there was a heated discussion between BRS and Congress members on six guarantees and political issues. Minister Shridhar Babu alleged that there is friendship between BJP and BRS during the debate on the motion of thanks to the Governor in the Assembly. BRS MLA Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy responded to this. He said that he has no friendship with BJP. MIM is the only friendly party for him. However, CM Revanth Reddy responded to Pocharam’s comments. He accused BJP and BRSD of Fevikal’s nexus. He reminded that BRS has supported many bills brought by BJP at the Centre. He said that KCR asked Prime Minister Modi to cooperate in making KTR CM. Modi himself said this. Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy countered CM Revanth Reddy’s comments. He reminded that BRS defeated BJP candidates. If they wanted to make KTR the CM in the past, they said that there are a hundred of them.

BRS MLAs alleged that none of the guarantees given by the Congress have been properly implemented. The government was criticized on the issue of free bus and auto drivers in the assembly. Ministers Sridhar Babu and Ponnam Prabhakar countered it at the same level.. BRS MLA Palla Rajeshwar Reddy said that apart from the Congress campaign, the guarantees were not implemented. Apart from propaganda, there is no implementation of guarantees. They said that women are having trouble with the free bus and requested to increase more buses. Six and a half lakh auto drivers who have fallen on the road have been asked to help. Minister Shridhar Babu said that he will fulfill the promises made by six hundred within a hundred days. Auto drivers will also be supported. Sridhar Babu criticized BRS for making false allegations.

BRS MLA Palla Rajeshwar Reddy demanded to support the families of 21 auto drivers. He criticized the lack of clarity in the implementation of the guarantees. Minister Ponnam Prabhakar countered Pallaku saying that you are the one who created the death of 21 auto drivers. BRS leaders are insulting the auto drivers.


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