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Acer Swift Laptops Unveil Next-Gen AMD Ryzen 8000 CPUs Integrated with AI Applications

Acer Swift Laptops Unveil Next-Gen AMD Ryzen 8000 CPUs Integrated with AI Applications

Acer is unveiling its updated Swift Edge 16 and Swift Go 14 laptops, showcasing the latest advancements in mobile computing technology. These refreshed models mark one of the earliest adopters of AMD’s newest Ryzen 8000 mobile family of processors, accompanied by a groundbreaking AI application preloaded onto the PCs.

Scheduled to hit the market in March, the updated Swift Edge 16 will be available starting at $1,299. Meanwhile, the Swift Go 14, featuring the latest Ryzen chips, will debut in April with a starting price of $699.

Last year, the Swift Edge 16 was launched with the previous generation Ryzen 7840U processor.

AMD’s Ryzen 8000 family, announced in December, introduces incremental improvements over its predecessors. Notable enhancements include a more potent “Hawk Point” AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU), boosting its processing power to 16 TOPS in the NPU and 39 TOPS across the chips. The Ryzen 8000 series, also referred to as the Ryzen 8040 processors, promises heightened performance and efficiency compared to previous iterations.

As AMD Ryzen-based laptops, these models feature USB4 ports in lieu of Thunderbolt, as Intel restricts Thunderbolt certification to its own platforms. The Ryzen 8000 family will compete with Intel’s Meteor Lake (Core Ultra) and 14th-gen Core HX platform.

The Swift Edge 16’s 2024 specifications boast upgrades such as up to 32GB of RAM and up to 2TB of SSD storage, alongside its remarkable 3,200×2,000, 120Hz OLED display. Processor options include the Ryzen 7 8840U and the Ryzen 5 8640U, maintaining the laptop’s lightweight design and compact dimensions.

Conversely, the Swift Go 14 introduces several improvements, including the Pluton coprocessor, upgraded Ryzen 8000 processors, and a 44% larger touchpad compared to its predecessor. With multiple screen options ranging from OLED to IPS panels, and processor choices including the Ryzen 9 8945HS, Ryzen 7 8845, or Ryzen 5 8645HS, the Swift Go 14 caters to diverse user preferences.

Both models feature an enhanced 1440p webcam, with the Swift Go exclusively offering a privacy shutter. Notably, the Swift Edge 16 introduces a Pluton security processor, a collaboration between Microsoft and AMD originally developed for Xbox security.

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