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“All eyes on that ticket… Political fervor during nomination.”

“All eyes on that ticket… Political fervor during nomination.”

There’s another twist in the race for the Anaparti constituency in East Godavari district. The BJP is considering giving the ticket to Nallamilli Rama Krishna Reddy, a former MLA and TDP leader who recently joined the party. However, with BJP state presidents Purandeshwari and Kanna Lakshmi Narayana supporting Shivaramakrishna Raju, who was already declared as the BJP candidate, confusion looms over the nomination process in Anaparti.

“Everyone’s gaze is on that ticket… Nomination time is politically intense.”

Another twist has emerged in the Anaparti constituency of East Godavari district. Former MLA and TDP leader Nallamilli Ramakrishnareddy, who recently joined the BJP, is being considered for the ticket. However, with BJP already announcing Shivaramekrishnaraaju as their candidate, the situation regarding the Anaparti ticket seems to be heating up. The Andhra Pradesh BJP is expected to provide clarity on the Anaparti constituency candidate selection soon.

There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the Anaparti constituency ticket, and the atmosphere in the party is becoming increasingly tense. Nallamilli Ramakrishnareddy’s potential candidacy for the BJP ticket has stirred up considerable excitement. He was previously associated with the TDP and has now joined the BJP, a move welcomed by senior leaders from both parties. Prior to this, he was expected to contest from the TDP, but his switch to the BJP was confirmed after discussions with Chandrababu Naidu, Buchaiah Chowdary, and BJP leaders.

Buchaiah Chowdary, a senior TDP leader, emphasized that Nallamilli Ramakrishnareddy deserves justice and hinted at his candidacy for the Anaparti ticket from the TDP. It is speculated that Nallamilli Ramakrishnareddy’s entry into the BJP has caused a significant stir within the TDP.

Meanwhile, Shivaramekrishnaraaju, who has already been announced as the BJP candidate for Anaparti, is actively campaigning in the region. He is making preparations for the nomination process, scheduled to take place in a few days. However, there is ongoing speculation that Shivaramekrishnaraaju might step aside to accommodate Nallamilli Ramakrishnareddy’s candidacy.

In another development, Purandeshwari, the chief of the Andhra Pradesh BJP, held a separate meeting with Shivaramekrishnaraaju, the BJP candidate for Anaparti, to discuss the situation regarding the constituency. They discussed the potential impact of Nallamilli Ramakrishnareddy’s candidacy on the election dynamics. Shivaramekrishnaraaju also expressed his willingness to abide by the BJP’s directives, indicating the complexities surrounding the Anaparti ticket allocation.


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