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Apps: Remove these applications from your phone right away!

Apps: Remove these applications from your phone right away!

In early February, ESET, a malware protection company, uncovered a dozen potentially hazardous applications that pose a threat to user data. These applications, operating as messaging tools, discreetly run in the background, revealing a concerning shift in criminal tactics with evolving technology. The landscape of crime has transformed, particularly in the era of smartphones, where scammers exploit small mobile apps to generate illicit profits and steal sensitive data. Recent revelations shed light on malicious apps, with ESET identifying 12 such threats at the start of February.

The investigation revealed that these apps are engaged in spying activities, utilizing a remote access trojan (RAT) code known as VajraSpy. Operating covertly, these apps clandestinely pilfer files, call logs, and SMS data from smartphones. Some of these apps specifically target WhatsApp data, while cybercriminals leverage them to record phone calls and capture images using the device’s camera. The list of suspect apps includes Hello Chat, Chit Chat, Meet Me Nidus, Rafakat News, Wave Chat, Prive Talk, Glo Glo, Let’s Chat, Quick Chat, and Yoho Talk. Notably, these apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store.

Tech experts strongly recommend immediate uninstallation of these apps from any affected device. Security researchers suggest that these apps may employ honeytrap-like tactics, emphasizing the need for caution when receiving calls or messages from unknown sources.

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