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“Axis Bank Credit Card Updates: Explore the Advantages of the Revised Card Rules”.

“Axis Bank Credit Card Updates: Explore the Advantages of the Revised Card Rules”.

Axis Bank has recently introduced modifications to the terms and conditions governing its Vistara Infinity Credit Card, primarily centered around the complimentary Club Vistara Gold membership. Effective from March 2024, these adjustments specifically apply to cardholders who subscribed by paying an annual fee in the initial year, enabling them to access the Gold Tier status.

To elaborate on the changes, the Gold Tier status upgrade is valid for 12 months starting from the date of the upgrade, and Axis Bank assures cardholders that the status will be credited within 10 working days following the payment of member fees, as stated on the official website.

Maintaining Gold Tier status in subsequent years requires cardholders to fulfill specific criteria. This entails taking advantage of offers on four Vistara flights within the last 12 months and accumulating 15,000 tier points. Failure to meet these criteria will automatically result in a downgrade to the silver tier. Non-compliance until the subsequent cycle will prevent reentry into the gold category.

It’s essential to note that Gold Tier status is contingent upon meeting the specified conditions during a given cycle. Axis Bank emphasizes that if a customer satisfies the criteria before the cycle concludes, the upgrade to the Gold tier will not be considered until the next cycle. The timeframe for this consideration is only after the completion of the designated time limit and conditions. Tier Points, which contribute to Gold Tier status, are exclusively earned through travel with Vistara and differ from CV points, utilized for rewarding flight bookings or upgrades.

Beyond the Gold Tier benefits, the Axis Bank Vistara Infinity Credit Card extends various welcome perks, activation benefits, and milestone rewards. Cardholders can enjoy additional advantages, such as golf sessions at premium clubs, complimentary lounge access at select Indian airports, and more. The card also provides a Milestone Benefit Card, based on annual spending, offering a spectrum of benefits ranging from bonus CV points to complimentary business class flight tickets.

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