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Ayalaan Review With Sivakarthikeyan

Ayalaan Review With Sivakarthikeyan

Actors: Sivakarthikeyan, Venkatesh Senguthuan, Rakulpreet Singh Sharad Khelkar, Isha Koppikar, Karunakaran, Yogibabu and others.

Music: AR Rahman,

Cinematography: NiravShah,

Editing: Ruben

Producer: Kottapadi J. Rajesh.

Written and Directed by: R. Ravikumar

Sivakarthikeyan is the protagonist who is familiar to Tamil as well as Telugu audiences. Many of his films are releasing in Telugu as well. He wanted to greet the audience with ‘Ayalaan’ (Ayalaan Movie) as a Sankranti gift, but had to back out at the last minute. This movie, which was released in Tamil and got good talk, came to OTT without being released in Telugu And how is the movie? What is Sivakarthikeyan’s fuss with Alien?

Storyline: Tamiz (Sivakarthikeyan) is a simple farmer. He does organic farming without harming the nature. Losses are more than gains. With the expected returns not coming, and debts mounting. Tamizh is sent to the city by his mother (Bhanupriya) to get a job. Scientist Aryan (Sharad Khelkar) is trying to find nova gas as an alternative to fuel He uses an asteroid called a spark to extract the gas Hundreds of people will lose their lives due to his experiment in Africa. This time he is secretly experimenting in a mine without anyone knowing in India Tattoo, an alien from another planet, comes to earth for the spark that is close to him (Ayalaan Review in Telugu) And how did that alien meet Tamiz? What is Alien’s trouble with Aryan’s gargi What is the threat to Chennai city due to Aryan’s experiment? That is the rest of the story

How it is:

Alien stories are no stranger to the silver screen. Films of this genre, which are mostly seen in Hollywood, are made here on a limited scale. This is because our audience is not much connected to such things. Director Ravikumar made a film called ‘Ayalan’ with such an alien story and spread entertainment. Apart from this movie being entertaining as compared to the similar films that have come out so far, we also get connected to the character. Since it is a science fiction movie and moreover a Tamil movie, it looks a bit too much in the movie.

The director who introduced the characters with scenes like Tamij farming, unable to bear the debt and going to the city, repeated the hero’s entry song and dialogues in the routine mass movies. As a result, the initial scenes are a bit slow. The pace of the story picks up with the arrival of the alien. From there, the hero and his friends will laugh at each other. On the other hand, the director, who leads the story by showing Aryan’s experiments for Nova Gas, takes a little time to get to the real point.


(Ayalaan Review in telugu) Hero’s role is elevated only when there is a strong villain. However, the role of the hero becomes lighter when a powerful character like an alien is introduced. The director used a clever trick to keep it out of the film The concept of the alien having powers and them being transferred to the protagonist reminds us of Bollywood films like Koi Milgaya. Ayalan’ has failed in entertaining the average audience.

Who made it Sivakarthikeyan (Sivakarthikeyan) This is a one-inan show, Tamiz has done full justice to the role. With the addition of an alien character to him, the fun is doubled. Tattune is the second hero in this. That character has all the importance Rakul Preet Singh, Yogi Babu and Karuna Karan also did justice to their roles Isha Koppikar and Sharad Khelkar acted well in negative roles Technically the movie is good AR Rahman’s music gives the movie extra strength Cinematography is well done, Director Ravi Kumar has succeeded in making Ayalan by adding an alien element to the simple story. The effort put it by the VEX team is evident in every scene where Taito is seen, Build values are good.


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