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“BRS leaders shift to Congress; Gulabi leaders intervene..”

“BRS leaders shift to Congress; Gulabi leaders intervene..”

The BRS leaders are forming groups and joining the Congress party. With this, internal financial resources have started and the Gulabi leaders have taken positions of power. They are preparing disgruntled leaders for power. Is that possible? Do disgruntled leaders already have an opportunity for the real leadership?

“BRS leaders transitioning to Congress; Intervention by Gulabi leaders..”

With just one vote, the BRS party has collapsed. BRS leaders are shifting their allegiance to the Congress party. With this, internal financial resources have emerged, and Gulabi leaders have assumed positions of power. They are now preparing disgruntled leaders for positions of authority. Is that possible? Do disgruntled leaders already have real leadership opportunities? This is the current extensive discussion in Telangana.

Previously, those who started initiatives are now acquiring assets from the party. When they are in power, leaders who have been marginalized are quickly leaving the party. MPs, MLAs, mayors, and JDP chief persons are initially joining the ranks of Gulabi Party. In the ongoing local elections, the situation of candidates who switched from the BRS party to the bench position is tense. If the party gives tickets, it’s slow to progress. But the situation changes rapidly when the BRS power is transferred. With the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the situation is becoming even more complex.

The real reason behind this situation is currently a topic of discussion nationwide. Without special interests, unlike from then until now, those who have taken a stand against the party have more opportunities. Many leaders have openly criticized the unjust treatment of those who were already in the field. In the assembly elections, when they lost, 80% of the leaders expressed the same opinion. Over the past four months, the situation has gradually started to make sense to the stakeholders. Therefore, they are now preparing new types of leaders. However, the situation is still not clear, and efforts are ongoing to accommodate dissatisfied leaders into the party leadership.

The party has assigned key roles to individuals like K.K. and Kadiyam to deal with the situation. But when things get tough, they see leaders leaving and feel helpless. If every day there is a sign of revolt, everything looks bleak. They are mentally prepared for the loss of key leaders. But still, something seems amiss. They realize the need for new leaders now. Therefore, they are considering the possibility of justice for those who have already left. That’s the aspiration of the Kedar faction!


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