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Charan-Buchi’s RC16 ready for launch

Charan-Buchi’s RC16 ready for launch

Charan-Buchi’s RC16, set for launch on March 20th, promises a remarkable cinematic journey with its star-studded cast and crew. Bollywood sensation Janhvi Kapoor joins Ram Charan in this ambitious Pan-India venture, adding to the excitement surrounding the film.


Charan-Buchi’s project is making Mythri Movie Makers are making this

Backed by Mythri Movie Makers, known for their high-quality productions, RC16 will be overseen by Venkata Satish Kilaru, ensuring a seamless execution on a grand scale. The renowned AR Rahman will compose the film’s soundtrack, raising anticipation for an exceptional audiovisual experience.

As fans await more updates on RC16’s storyline and production, the stage is set for a groundbreaking cinematic venture that aims to captivate audiences nationwide.

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