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Hanuma Vihari has pledged not to represent Andhra after a dispute with the ACA

Hanuma Vihari has pledged not to represent Andhra after a dispute with the ACA

Veteran batsman and former Andhra captain Hanuma Vihari has released a heartfelt statement, revealing his decision to never play for Andhra again after a dispute with the Andhra Cricket Association. The statement comes following Andhra’s exit in the quarterfinals of the Ranji Trophy 2023-24, with Vihari recounting an incident that left him feeling bitter.

Vihari explains that he was asked to step down as captain after the first game of the season, where he had raised his voice at a player who happened to be a politician’s son. Despite Andhra’s impressive chase of 410 against Bengal, last year’s finalists, Vihari was asked to resign, a decision he feels was unjust. He expresses feeling embarrassed by the association’s actions, especially considering his contributions to the team over the years, including leading Andhra to the knockout stage five times in the last seven years and representing India in 16 Test matches.

Vihari expresses his love for the team and its growth but criticizes the association’s attitude, stating that players are expected to comply without question. He concludes by stating his decision to no longer play for Andhra, citing a loss of self-respect.

Having played 37 First-Class matches for Andhra, Vihari’s decision marks the end of an era for the team, with his leadership and performances leaving a lasting impact.

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