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“Hyderabad Metro shocks passengers with canceled facilities.”

“Hyderabad Metro shocks passengers with canceled facilities.”

The Hyderabad Metro has shocked passengers. They have increased the fare on tickets during night hours. Yes, the situation is getting worse outside. There is no option for commuting by bus or bike. As a result, more people are crowding onto metro trains. This sudden increase in ticket prices has shocked commuters. Consequently, passengers are facing difficulties.

“Hyderabad Metro, which shocked passengers! Those facilities canceled.”

The recent developments in the Hyderabad Metro system have left passengers reeling with shock and uncertainty. The sudden hike in ticket fares, particularly during night hours, has caught commuters off guard. As the situation outside worsens, with limited alternatives such as buses or bikes for commuting, passengers find themselves increasingly reliant on the metro for transportation.

The overcrowding on metro trains has become a growing concern, as more people flock to this mode of transportation due to the lack of viable alternatives. The abrupt increase in ticket prices has only added to the frustration and inconvenience experienced by commuters, many of whom rely on the metro for their daily commute.

In response to the outcry from passengers, authorities have announced a 10 percent increase in ticket fares during morning and evening hours. Additionally, they have introduced the ₹59 HMR Smart Card, aiming to provide regular commuters with some relief by offering a discount during specific time slots.

However, despite these measures, the escalating number of COVID-19 cases in the state has prompted many commuters to shift back to buses and private vehicles, further exacerbating the situation. This shift has led to an increase in cancellations on metro trains, prompting authorities to cancel the HMR Smart Card to facilitate refunds.

Passengers are growing increasingly frustrated with the uncertainty surrounding ticket fares and cancellations. They are calling for swift action and resolution from metro authorities to address these issues and restore confidence in the metro system. As the situation continues to evolve, passengers are left hoping for a quick and effective solution to alleviate their concerns and ensure smooth and reliable transportation in the city.


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