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In the meeting at Rapthadu, CM Jagan assures ‘security’ to the gathering. This is the actual reason..

In the meeting at Rapthadu, CM Jagan assures ‘security’ to the gathering. This is the actual reason..

CM Jagan is organizing ‘security’ for the Rapthadu constituency in Anantapur district. The actual reason behind this is that with the elections approaching, CM Jagan is intensifying his campaign efforts. The race in Andhra Pradesh is heating up. There is still no clarity between the TDP and Janasena. Meanwhile, CM Jagan has completed the nomination process for his elections. So far, six candidates have been announced. After the state elections, there is another opportunity to announce candidates for the Rajya Sabha. In this process, CM Jagan has prepared special arrangements for the ‘security’ meeting in Rapthadu. Police have made special security arrangements in Anantapur district after considering the results of the elections in Denduluru constituency. While CM Jagan was walking towards the stage at the Denduluru campaign, police widened the distance between the ramp and the gallery. At the Denduluru campaign, CM Jagan was greeted by supporters and activists as he arrived. Some supporters even climbed onto the ramp with great enthusiasm. Someone had breached CM’s security once. This triggered a high alert and strict security measures were put in place. As part of this, during CM Jagan’s walk on the ramp, security was placed on one side of the food path, and then on another food path, local police were ensuring security. This was mentioned by district SP Anburajan. Senior officials are ensuring security without leaving anything to chance, even at unwanted incidents, wherever they occur.


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