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Kratos R Electric Bike: Massive Discount Available

Kratos R Electric Bike: Massive Discount Available

In the current market scenario, there is a notable demand for electric scooters. Simultaneously, the impending expiration of the FAME-2 subsidy provided by the government has prompted various companies to announce attractive offers on their electric products. Key players such as Ola Electric and Aether Energy have already revealed enticing discounts, and now Pune-based Torque Motors is following suit with a substantial offer on its electric bike. Let’s delve into the details.

The central government, in alignment with global efforts to reduce reliance on conventional petrol vehicles and protect the environment, has been promoting electric vehicles by offering subsidies to manufacturers under the FAME initiative. Currently, the FAME-2 subsidy is in effect, but the government is contemplating reducing or phasing out these subsidies after March 31. Consequently, companies are swiftly clearing their stock by introducing compelling offers to boost sales while the rates are still favorable.

As part of this trend, Torque Motors is presenting a significant discount on its Kratos R electric bike. The market price of the Torque Motors Kratos R has been slashed by Rs. 37,500, bringing it down to Rs. 1.50 lakhs (ex-showroom). This discounted rate is applicable until March 31, with the potential for an increase thereafter.

The Torque Motors Kratos R boasts impressive specifications, including a 4KWh lithium-ion battery pack and an ‘Axial Flux’ motor generating 12 bhp and 38 Nm of torque. The company claims a range of 180 km on a single charge, and the bike can reach a maximum speed of 105 km per hour.

Additional features of the Torque Motors Kratos R include a digital instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity, USB charger, and active throttle control. The bike offers five riding modes – Eco, Eco+, City, Sports, and Reverse – providing riders with a versatile and personalized experience.

As the FAME-2 subsidy scheme concludes this month, manufacturers of electric two-wheelers are offering substantial discounts on their products. Aether Energy and Ola Electric have also rolled out similar discounts on their electric scooters. For those contemplating the purchase of an electric scooter, now is an opportune time to make a decision and take advantage of these lucrative offers.

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