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Litton Das: What has led to his decline?

Litton Das: What has led to his decline?

The Decline of Litton Kumar Das: What Led to His ODI Squad Exclusion?

Once hailed as one of the most talented batters in Bangladesh’s cricketing ranks, Litton Kumar Das now finds himself dropped from the ODI squad for the final match against Sri Lanka. This decision comes on the heels of two consecutive ducks in the first two ODIs against Sri Lanka, both dismissals at the hands of left-arm pacer Dilshan Madushanka. In his ODI career spanning 90 innings, Litton has struggled against left-arm pacers, averaging just 21.41 against them and falling to their deliveries 17 times.

According to Nazmul Abedin, a respected Bangladesh coach who has closely followed Litton’s career, the main issue plaguing the batsman is his lack of control over shot-making. Nazmul believes that Litton often fails to place the ball precisely due to a lack of control, leading to dismissals that could have been avoided with better shot selection. He notes that Litton’s technique has been inconsistent, with frequent changes that have affected his natural game.

Nazmul emphasized that Litton’s recent struggles stem from a lack of consistency in his technique. He pointed out that Litton’s constant tinkering with his technique has made him overly conscious about it while batting, detracting from his focus on the ball. This lack of focus has resulted in mistimed shots and an inability to play the ball late, leading to several dismissals.

In his last 20 innings, Litton has scored only two fifties, both of which came in losing causes. His overall performance since the start of the 2023 ODI World Cup has been underwhelming, with 313 runs in 14 ODIs at an average of 24.07. Nazmul highlighted Litton’s inconsistency and tendency to go through slumps after a few good innings as areas of concern.

In conclusion, unless Litton can address his technical issues and regain his consistency, it will be challenging for him to secure a spot in the national team, regardless of his once-heralded talent.

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