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Maingear Unveils Project Zero PCs: Bringing Hidden-Cable Aesthetics to the Mainstream

Maingear Unveils Project Zero PCs: Bringing Hidden-Cable Aesthetics to the Mainstream

If you were captivated by Maingear’s exclusive release of the Zero Drop desktop and its innovative rear-connection cable design, the good news is you can now order from their Zero Series of prebuilt gaming PCs.

Unveiled at CES 2024, Maingear introduced the Maingear Zero Drop and the Maingear NV9 Zero, both featuring Maingear’s MG-RC (Maingear Rear Connection) technology. This technology represents Maingear’s response to the ongoing “War on Cables” since 2022. The concept is simple yet effective: relocating most cables to the rear of the motherboard rather than the front results in a cleaner aesthetic and improves airflow by eliminating cable obstructions. This innovative approach forms the core of the Zero series.

Maingear is now accepting orders for the Zero series, starting with the Silver configuration (Core i5-14440F/RTX 4060/16GB DDR5/1TB SSD, priced at $1,399) and extending to the Ultimate configuration (Core i9-14900K/RTX 4090/32GB DDR5/2TB SSD, priced at $3,929). MSI also offers “boost” configurations, doubling the RAM and SSD capacity for an additional $300.

Additionally, MSI provides custom configurations and offers zero-percent financing options.

According to Maingear, these new desktops feature MSI’s MAG Pano M100 PZ MATX chassis, specifically designed to support MG-RC-equipped motherboards like the MSI Project Zero motherboards showcased at CES as the Zero Drop.

Hand-built like other Maingear products, these new Zero desktops come with a one-year warranty, which is upgradable to three years.

As we navigate the early stages of the hidden-cable revolution, choosing between cases, motherboards, graphics cards, and even potential water-cooling setups can be overwhelming, leaving consumers with limited options and potential compromises. Maingear offers a straightforward solution: let them handle it for you.

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