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My voice… My goal… With another slogan, towards the people, YSRCP leader, Chief Minister Jagan..

My voice… My goal… With another slogan, towards the people, YSRCP leader, Chief Minister Jagan..

They have completed the preparatory meetings and planned to present more to the people. What are his goals, what is his vision, he explained to the people in the final preparatory meeting. He said, ‘We should bring revolutions to the older generations, international exposure to the younger ones, and a perpetual smile on the faces of sisters and brothers.’ That’s his goal, his vision,” said Chief Minister Jagan. “We have all suffered losses with agriculture,” he said. “We have lost SC, ST, BC, minorities, and we need to provide equal opportunities to all,” he said. “No one should die due to lack of treatment, no one should go hungry, and no person should be pushed to bankruptcy,” said Chief Minister Jagan. “He promised to make changes in education, healthcare, agriculture, and women’s empowerment… He said we should explain the meaning of social justice,” said Chief Minister Jagan. “To him, power means not enchantment… but leaving a mark in history with his name,” they said. With the completion of the preparatory meetings, they prepared for the district tour. Chief Minister Jagan has prepared for the tourism in PuliVendula today. There they will inaugurate several developmental programs… Jagan will participate in the inauguration of Dr. YSR Government General Hospital. Later, they will inaugurate the Banana Integrated Packhouse. From there, they will go to Dr. YSR Mini-Secretariat Complex. They will start the schedule from Central Bowl Ward… Then, they will go to Vijayamma Shopping Complex from Vyas Jayamma Shopping Complex. A schedule has been prepared… Later, they will inaugurate Dr. YSR’s Memorial Park. From there, they will go to the guesthouse in YSR Estate.


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