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Netflix shows and games to keep the kids entertained

Netflix shows and games to keep the kids entertained

If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained as you get a wash on, grab a quick shower or gulp down that very-much-needed-cup-of-coffee. Here Netflix  shows and games to keep the kids amused this holiday season.

Kids Entertaining programs

Floor is Lava

You might remember this one from your youth; an old favourite that is making a come back. Recreate this game show; use blankets, couch cushions and books to make an obstacle course in your living room. The first one to make it across without touching the lava (floor) is the winner and can choose the next show to watch. And remember – don’t touch the floor – because the floor is lava.


Kids love a sing-song and this game will help break them out of their shell. Singalong to the songs of new cartoon release Vivo. A delightful new cartoon classic that will have you smiling ear to ear. The kids will love the movie, and will also love belting out the tunes at the top of their lungs.

Yes Day

A 2021 movie where the Torres parents say yes to their kids – all. day. long. Why not recreate it at home this spring break? Yes to a water fight. Yes to pancakes. Yes to the beach. Your kids will never be able to say you’re boring ever again. You never know what magical memories can be made until… well, until you say yes!

Netflix programs and shows for kids

For Entertainment

We all love a good kids movie, even us adults. Here are a few good ones that will be sure to keep the kids entertained (even for a little while) over the spring break period.

Boss Baby: Back in Bussiness

From the hit movie Boss Baby, these 24 minute episodes are bound to keep the kids interested (at least for a little while). In this animated cartoon series, he suited and booted Boss Baby brings his big brother Tim to the office to teach him about the business of… well, business in this series.

Tom and Jerry Movie

An oldie-but-a-goodie. One for the kids and a throwback for the adults. In this action packed movie, animated Tom and Jerry get up to their usual cat-and-mouse antics at a posh New York City hotel. Tom (the cat) is hired to get rid of a mouse (Jerry) before a VIP wedding. As you can imagine, chaos and great fun ensues.

Coludy with a Chance of Metaballs 2

Nerdy inventor Flint Lockwood developed a machine that now creates mutant food beasts or ‘food-imals’ – think talking strawberries (very cute), shrimpanzees (not so cute) and a hippotatomus; that is a potato hippopotamus to you and I. Flint and his friends must save the world before these foodimals take over. A fun-filled movie of silliness that the kids will just love.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

The trolls are no longer just 90s figurines with daft tufts of hair – they’re now full blown cartoon characters. This TV series follows Poppy, Branch, Mr Dinkles, Bridget, Smidge and pals as they go on adventures and live their best lives in Troll Village. These fun, upbeat 24 minute episodes are the perfect distraction so you can have a cup of tea.

For Education

Kids entertainment programs


If you’re a parent or have a good friend with kids, you’ll (unfortunately) already be very familiar with Cocomelon. Although it might not seem like it, Cocomelon can be quite educational for small kids. They’ll learn letters, numbers, animal sounds and more with J.J. in this musical series.

Ada Twist,the Scientist!

Mini science enthusiast Ada Twist and her two best friends are asking some big questions. Ada and her friends work together to find out more about life. Making science fun and interesting, this is a great show to get kids interested in discovering more about different things.

Blippi The Musical

An energetic and educational musical program for kids. Trust us, the kids will absolutely love Blippi and his hilarious pals. Expect singing, dancing and lots of leaping around. A musical extravaganza that will no doubt have the kids burn some of that pent up energy as they learn.


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