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New Online Feature “Easy” Debuts for Lok Sabha Election.

New Online Feature “Easy” Debuts for Lok Sabha Election.

The finalized schedule for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has been announced by the Election Commission, delineating the crucial polling dates and nomination deadlines. As the political landscape gears up for this significant democratic event, candidates vying for parliamentary seats are diligently preparing to submit their nomination papers. However, the process can be daunting, especially in areas witnessing a surge of candidates filing their nominations, potentially causing delays.

In light of this, the Election Commission has introduced a convenient and efficient solution: online nomination filing. This innovative approach aims to streamline the nomination process, alleviating the challenges associated with physical submissions, such as long queues and crowded offices. Now, prospective candidates have the option to submit their nominations online, saving time and minimizing inconvenience.

“New Online Feature Simplifies Lok Sabha Election Process”

So, how does one go about filing an online nomination? The process is straightforward. The Chief Election Commission has provided a dedicated portal, accessible via the link, specifically designed for candidates aspiring to contest in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Both political party representatives and independent candidates can avail themselves of this digital platform to file their nominations seamlessly.

Upon visiting the provided link, candidates can fill out their nomination forms electronically. Subsequently, they are required to submit their nomination in Format-1 by generating a printout and presenting it at the designated location specified by the Returning Officer. Additionally, candidates can complete the affidavit online through the same portal. Once the necessary documents are printed, they can be notarized and submitted before the Returning Officer for verification.

The Election Commission has officially unveiled the schedule for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This comprehensive plan outlines the key dates for polling and nomination deadlines, crucial for candidates and voters alike.. Candidates can conveniently deposit the amount through the provided link, ensuring compliance with electoral regulations. Alternatively, cash deposits can be made through Khazanah Challan, offering flexibility in payment methods.

During nominations, the Election Commission upgraded the Cvigil app to effectively monitor and address Model Code of Conduct violations. This mobile application enables users to report instances of electoral misconduct swiftly, ensuring prompt action within a stipulated timeframe. By implementing improved transparency and accountability measures, the electoral process’s integrity is strengthened, promoting a fair and democratic environment.

The online nomination filing signifies a major modernization and democratization step, leveraging digital tech for enhanced accessibility, efficiency, and transparency. As the Lok Sabha elections unfold, this digital initiative heralds a new era of inclusive and accessible electoral governance.

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