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Parodies are no longer on the agenda for Allari Naresh

Parodies are no longer on the agenda for Allari Naresh

Allari Naresh, a talented actor who captivated audiences with his charming and lively performance in Nagarjuna’s “Naa Saami Ranga” earlier this year, is now gearing up for the release of “Aa Okkati Adakku” on March 22nd, marking his return to the beloved comedy genre. However, Naresh is determined to revolutionize the way comedy is portrayed on screen.

During the teaser launch of “Aa Okkati Adakku,” Naresh addressed the question of whether he had introduced significant changes to the film’s comedic style, given his reluctance towards slapstick comedy. Naresh emphasized the need for humor that resonates with modern audiences, moving away from parodies and spoofs. He stressed the importance of crafting witty and clever dialogue that genuinely elicits laughter, steering clear of double entendres and body shaming.

Naresh also acknowledged the evolving preferences of today’s viewers, noting their inclination towards simple yet impactful dialogue and storytelling. Director Malli, who is helming the film, explained the decision to use the classic title “Aa Okkati Adakku,” attributing it to the narrative’s demands. However, the success of this approach remains to be seen.Naresh also highlighted the shift in audience preferences, noting that contemporary viewers appreciate simple yet impactful dialogues, favoring pleasant and relatable storytelling over exaggerated humor.

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