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Robert Downey Jr., Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence face backlash for reportedly disrespecting Asian stars at the 2024 Oscars

Robert Downey Jr., Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence face backlash for reportedly disrespecting Asian stars at the 2024 Oscars

The 2024 Oscars ceremony, which took place on March 10, stirred up controversy as netizens accused some top A-list actors of displaying what they perceived as disrespect toward Asian stars presenting awards. One notable incident occurred during the announcement of the ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ award, when Oscar-winning actor Ke Huy Quan joyfully revealed Robert Downey Jr as the recipient for his work in the film Oppenheimer. However, viewers quickly noticed that Downey seemingly ignored Ke Huy Quan on stage, failing to interact with him as winners typically do with presenters.

This apparent snub sparked outrage among netizens, both domestically and internationally, who expressed their anger at what they viewed as disrespectful behavior on a global stage. Subsequent photos of Downey and Ke Huy Quan together on Getty further fueled the controversy, with many interpreting their interaction as merely performative, aimed at deflecting criticism.

Another contentious moment involved legendary actor Michelle Yeoh, who announced Emma Stone as the winner of ‘Best Actress’. As Stone approached the stage to collect her award, it appeared that Jennifer Lawrence, rather than Yeoh, attempted to hand her the trophy. Stone’s interaction with the other women on stage also seemed to delay her acknowledgment of Yeoh until the last minute. These incidents, described as micro-aggressions by netizens, ignited heated discussions on Korean forums and among international audiences.

However, amidst the backlash, Michelle Yeoh took to social media on March 12 to share a moment from the Oscars with Emma Stone, expressing congratulations and offering insight into the situation. In her post, Yeoh seemed to step in to clarify the perceived misunderstanding, highlighting the supportive bond between Stone and Lawrence and suggesting that any perceived slights were unintentional. The accompanied caption read, “Congratulations Emma! I confused you, but I wanted to share that glorious moment of handing over Oscar to you together with your best friend Jennifer!! She reminded me of my Bae Jamie Lee Curtis. Always there for each other!!” This gesture from Yeoh aimed to address the racial discrimination controversy surrounding Stone and foster understanding among concerned parties.

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