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The mud fight sequence in Vishwambhara is an absolute stunner!

The mud fight sequence in Vishwambhara is an absolute stunner!

Megastar Chiranjeevi is sparing no time as the release date for the grand spectacle “Vishwabhara” has been set for Sankranthi 2024. The film, as revealed in the glimpse video during the title reveal, promises a fantasy action thriller spanning various worlds.

Currently, the megastar is engrossed in filming extensive action sequences set in a specially constructed forest set in Ramoji Film City. What sets this apart is Chiranjeevi’s commitment to the scenes, as he refuses to use a body double. Moreover, the action unfolds amidst dust, mud, and water, with Chiranjeevi and the other fighters completely covered in wet mud for a realistic touch. Despite the discomfort, real sand is used to create the mud daily, enhancing the authenticity of the scenes.

Insiders have hinted at the stunning outcome of these action sequences, surpassing previous mud fight sequences in Tollywood. Directed by Vassisht Mallidi of “Bimbisara” fame, “Vishwabhara” promises to seamlessly blend Chiranjeevi’s stellar performance with breathtaking visuals, thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge computer graphics.

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