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Political turmoil in Telangana.. BRS fire on CM Revanth Reddy’s comments..

Political turmoil in Telangana.. BRS fire on CM Revanth Reddy’s comments..

Politics in Telangana is undergoing rapid changes following the implementation of the Parliament Election Code. With the elections approaching, party defections have begun in Telangana. The Congress, aiming to win 14 parliamentary seats in Telangana, is devising strategies accordingly. Party defections are being encouraged as the election fervor grows. BRS MLA Danam Nagender from Khairatabad and BRS MP Ranjith Reddy from Chevella recently joined the Congress, shortly after CM Revanth Reddy remarked that if the gates were opened, BRS would be left empty. In the presence of CM Revanth and Tea Congress affairs in-charge Deepadas Munshi, Ranjith Reddy and Danam Nagender adorned themselves with Congress scarves, delivering a significant blow to BRS during the parliamentary elections.Revanth’s Tactics: There’s speculation that CM Revanth is employing a strategy called Operation Akarsh to empty the BRS camp during the parliamentary elections. Despite facing opposition claims that he would topple the Congress government after the parliamentary elections, Chief Minister Revanth is exhibiting his political prowess. He has promised breaking news within an hour and has delivered on it, surprising many with his unexpected moves. Satirically questioning why strategies need to be made, Revanth Reddy has made waves.BRS’s Response: BRS leaders have responded vehemently to Revanth Reddy’s comments. BRS spokesperson Dasoju Shravan questioned Revanth Reddy’s past remarks about stoning to death defectors and criticized the inclusion of BRS MLA and MP into the Congress. Shravan demanded accountability from those who won with the people’s votes and the workers’ efforts but shamelessly switch parties.Strategic Moves: Focusing on the Chevella, Malkajgiri, and Secunderabad MP seats in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy, Congress is adopting a unique strategy. While initially considering Sunita Mahender Reddy for Chevella, the party has now welcomed Ranjith Reddy, indicating a change in plans. Revanth Reddy aims to field Sunita Mahender Reddy from Malkajgiri instead of Chevella, aiming to reclaim the Congress sitting seat. The party is also contemplating fielding Danam Nagender from the Secunderabad seat, with Congress leaders reportedly convincing him to contest. The final decision will be made in the coming days. With the election code already in effect, Tea Congress is gearing up for serious action, targeting 14 leads.Malkajgiri Focus:

In light of these developments, party MLAs convened at the residence of former BRS minister and Medchal MLA Mallareddy, focusing on Malkajgiri. MLAs Madhavaram Krishna Rao, Vivekananda, and Marri Rajasekhar attended the meeting, discussing the winning strategy for the Malkajgiri Parliament seat. The consensus was to work towards winning the Parliament seat in Malkajgiri, despite potential attempts by Revanth to weaken the party’s position.


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