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Sensex Surges 167 Points, Nifty Up 64: Market Resurgence

Sensex Surges 167 Points, Nifty Up 64: Market Resurgence

February 9, 2024: Sensex and Nifty Experience Erratic Day; Sensex Gains 167 Points, Nifty Up 64

February 9, 2024, unfolded as a day characterized by erratic market movements, with Sensex and Nifty experiencing fluctuations within a narrow range. As the trading day concluded, the BSE Sensex exhibited a gain of 167 points or 0.23%, reaching 71,595, while the NSE Nifty marked an increase of 64 points or 0.3%, settling at 21,782.

According to Vinod Nair, Head of Research at Geojit Financial Services, the market closed positively after a day marked by volatility, driven by a rebound in banking stocks following the previous day’s sell-off. Notably, mid- and small-cap indices bore the brunt of the day’s turbulence, reflecting caution in the broader market due to elevated valuations. Investors remain watchful as the market anticipates the release of inflation data from the US, UK, and India next week, coupled with a gradual uptick in the US 10-year yield.

Amidst the volatility, sectors such as technology and healthcare demonstrated resilience, offsetting losses in other segments. The market sentiment remained cautiously optimistic, with investors closely monitoring global economic indicators for cues on future market direction.

As uncertainties persist, market participants are advised to maintain a diversified portfolio and stay abreast of evolving market dynamics to make informed investment decisions.

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