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There seems to be no clarity on the candidate from the Cheerala Telugu Desam Party yet..

There seems to be no clarity on the candidate from the Cheerala Telugu Desam Party yet..

In the previous assembly elections, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) lost to the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), led by Karanam Balaram. After taking charge, he instituted new charges in the party establishment. Moving from Mangalagiri to another leader, they have gained land. They are saying that I am the one responsible for the party charges. Apart from these two, there are another few attempting to get tickets. If there is just a little breeze on the Chirala bicycle tires, the need for this overture is evident, says the party cadre. The party elders worry that with the use of underhanded methods, Chirala may become a laughingstock. With the use of powerful tactics, the party leaders are ensuring that no cheating occurs in Chirala. They are blaming the situation on Karanam Jendha, who is working tirelessly to fulfill the party’s obligations. Before the big leader came, they are already trying to put pressure on the ticket aspirants in Chirala. They are making a lot of efforts before the elections while some leaders are indulging in hard bargaining in Chirala. By March, Sriniwasarao of Tiruvuru, who moved from Mangalagiri to Chinna, had already reached the stage. In addition to his family and social class leaders, he is also holding meetings with TDP ranks in Chirala.

Once upon a time, when the TDP was strong in Kanchukota, Chirala, now that party is facing major challenges. After being in power, leaders who won positions from that party have since joined the YSRCP coalition. This has posed a leadership problem for the TDP in Chirala. Chirala’s TDP candidate won for the first time in 1985. Since then, TDP has won eight elections. Three times TDP won, once Congress, and once Navodayam Party candidates won. From 2004 onwards, TDP has been declining in elections. In 2019, they faced defeat again in Chirala. With strong contenders in Chirala, the Lokesh faction is trying to balance things. They are currently planning to bring Sriniwasarao, a BC leader from Mangalagiri, into the fray in Chirala. Sriniwasarao, an MM Kondaya nominated by the Yadav social class with the concept of Bisi, has entered the arena as a TDP representative. Since three years ago, the completion of the full term has made In-charge Kondaya’s situation worse. From then on, after doing many services, the bike has not increased in speed. In charge is the position of authority. Due to the higher number of Chinetas in Chirala, the party is thinking that Lokesh may be the leader of that social class.


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