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Trisha Issues Defamation Notice to AV Raju; Warns of Legal Consequences Without Compliance with Demands

Trisha Issues Defamation Notice to AV Raju; Warns of Legal Consequences Without Compliance with Demands

Actor Trisha has posted a defamation notice sent by her legal representatives to ex-AIADMK member AV Raju on her X account. Despite forgiving Mansoor Ali Khan for inappropriate comments and accepting his public apology, Trisha appears unwilling to overlook the allegations made by former AIADMK member AV Raju. (Also Read: Trisha furious at former AIADMK member’s ‘disgusting’ comments on her: ‘Low life and despicable human being’)

Trisha Issues Defamation Notice

Trisha utilized X to share images of the defamation notice dispatched by her legal team to Raju on Wednesday. The notice addresses his recent statements to the press, asserting that what he previously mentioned about Trisha was misconstrued.

In the legal document, Trisha’s legal representatives demanded compensation from Raju, although the specific amount was obscured by the actor. Raju was further instructed to refrain from making any additional defamatory remarks about Trisha, remove all articles published on various platforms, and issue an unconditional apology within 24 hours of receiving the notice.

The notice explicitly warned that a failure to comply would prompt Trisha to initiate criminal and civil proceedings against Raju, with him being responsible for all subsequent costs. Given that the notice was dispatched to him on Wednesday, it remains uncertain whether Raju will engage with the press again.

what transpired

AV Raju, who was recently ousted from AIADMK, made claims that Trisha was taken to a resort upon the recommendation of an MLA for a specific monetary consideration. Addressing these allegations on X, Trisha expressed, “It’s repulsive to encounter individuals of low character and despicable nature who will go to any extent for attention. Be assured, appropriate and serious measures will be taken. All further communication and actions will be conducted through my legal representatives.”

Upcoming Work

Trisha is set to make a comeback to Telugu cinema after an extended hiatus, featuring alongside Chiranjeevi in the movie “Vishwambhara,” directed by Vassishta, known for the film “Bimbisara.” Additionally, she will soon appear in Mani Ratnam’s project “Thug Life” alongside Kamal Haasan, and another film titled “Vidaa Muyarchi” alongside Ajith Kumar. Trisha is currently engaged in the shooting of Malayalam films titled “Ram” and “Identity.”

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