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“Volunteers earn big, Chandrababu’s offer countered by YSRCP.”

“Volunteers earn big, Chandrababu’s offer countered by YSRCP.”

In AP politics, volunteers are leaving in droves as the daily soap opera unfolds. Pension payments that were meant for beneficiaries to reach home. This issue has somewhat redirected the political battle. The EC has put a halt to volunteer services. The war of words between the ruling party and opposition has come to a standstill.

“We will allocate 10 times the salary to volunteers… Chandrababu’s bumper offer… YSRCP counter.”

Controversies in AP politics escalate as disputes over various issues intensify between the ruling and opposition factions. The distribution of pensions and management of volunteers have emerged as major flashpoints between the YSRCP and TDP coalitions. The Election Commission’s directive to keep volunteers away from electoral activities has further fueled tensions.

Centralization of pension distribution by the central government has added fuel to the fire, triggering confrontations. Chandrababu Naidu’s accusations against the volunteer setup have drawn counter-allegations from the YSRCP, holding him responsible for delays in pension payments and resulting fatalities. The TDP, in response, questions whether these accusations are an attempt to divert attention from their own shortcomings. Chandrababu alleges that the government is trying to trap him, claiming that revealing certain information would validate the success of the volunteer system.

With over two lakh volunteers pledging allegiance to CM Jagan, they have become pivotal assets for both the TDP and Janasena. However, resignations among volunteers are witnessing an upward trend. Jagan, anticipating a return to power, plans to revamp his cabinet. Throughout the AP elections, volunteers have evolved into a significant brand themselves, playing a crucial role in the political landscape.


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