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Adhik – Ajith, Mythri collaboration officially confirmed

Adhik – Ajith, Mythri collaboration officially confirmed

Thala Ajith’s collaboration with Vignesh Shivn for a film has been called off due to various reasons, leaving uncertainty about his next project. However, recent reports suggest that Ajith will be teaming up with Adhik Ravichandran.After listening to scripts from several filmmakers, Ajith was impressed by the idea pitched by Adhik and instructed the director to develop it promptly. According to reports, the script has been finalized, and the team is gearing up for pre-production work.

If these reports hold true, an official announcement regarding the project is expected to be made today, with Mythri Movie Makers reportedly backing the film. A significant budget has been allocated for the project, and further details will be confirmed shortly. Adhik, fresh from the success of “Mark Anthony,” is optimistic about delivering another major hit with this venture.As the script has been finalized, the team is gearing up for pre-production activities, indicating that the project is progressing swiftly. The involvement of Mythri Movie Makers, a renowned production house known for backing successful projects, adds further credibility to the venture.

The decision to allocate a substantial budget for the film underscores the scale and ambition of the project. Ajith’s collaborations with directors often generate significant anticipation among fans, and this project is no exception. As details continue to emerge, fans eagerly await the official announcement, which is expected to provide more insights into the film’s cast, crew, and storyline.

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