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Comparing 5G speeds across 15 countries: Apple iPhone 15 versus Samsung Galaxy S24

Comparing 5G speeds across 15 countries: Apple iPhone 15 versus Samsung Galaxy S24

According to a study by Ookla, Samsung’s latest flagship series, the Galaxy S24 lineup, has displayed a noteworthy advantage in median 5G download speeds across seven of the fifteen countries surveyed. Conversely, the Apple iPhone 15 series emerged with the fastest 5G speeds in just one country. Nevertheless, the report observed that in several analyzed countries, the disparities in speed between the Galaxy S24 devices and iPhone 15 models were minimal.

Comparing 5G Performance Across Samsung Galaxy S24, S22, and S23 Series:

  • In 10 out of 15 countries, Samsung Galaxy S24 devices demonstrated the lowest 5G multi-server latency, while iPhone 15 models exhibited the highest latency in the same number of markets.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 models were reported to have the slowest median 5G download speeds in eight countries, whereas the Galaxy S23 series phones were found to be the slowest in four countries.
  • Across the 15 countries, the Galaxy S24 series offered the fastest median 5G upload speed in 13 instances. However, these upload speeds were notably slower compared to download speeds, ranging from 11.83 Mbps to 66.52 Mbps. Only three countries, namely South Korea, Qatar, and the UAE, achieved median 5G upload speeds of 50 Mbps or better.

Highlighting the Superior Performance of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Compared to its Predecessors:

While the report acknowledged minimal speed differences between devices of varying generations in certain countries, it emphasized the substantial speed advantages exhibited by Galaxy S24 models over their predecessors, particularly in markets such as Qatar, the UAE, and others.

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