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“Congress losing influence before elections!”

“Congress losing influence before elections!”

Internal divisions in Warangal Congress… Tensions flare between new and old leaders! While the Congress claims to secure a bumper majority in the parliamentary elections, the party struggles with factional infighting. Disputes between new and old leaders have caused disruptions. Two meetings held in the Warangal parliamentary constituency on Sunday turned chaotic, and police had to arrest some faction members.”

“Congress party’s influence is fading as parliamentary elections approach!”

“Congress factions clash as party boasts of securing a bumper majority in parliamentary elections. Lack of coordination between new and old leaders leads to turmoil. On Sunday, two meetings in the Warangal parliamentary constituency turned chaotic, requiring police to arrest some faction members.

Leaders preparing Congress cadres for parliamentary elections are holding planning meetings. Except in Warangal West constituency, meetings in all other constituencies have seen disturbances. On Sunday, Congress held a planning meeting for workers in Parakala constituency headquarters. The exclusion of Minister Konda Surekha from the meeting upset her faction. Warangal parliamentary constituency in-charge Revuri Prakash Reddy was accused of promoting only his faction while sidelining Konda’s faction. Both factions clashed.

A confrontation occurred between Minister Konda Surekha’s and MLA Revuri Prakash Reddy’s factions. As tensions escalated, police detained Konda Surekha’s faction members. In response, some of Konda’s faction protested on the streets. Despite migrating from neighboring constituencies and supporting Revuri Prakash Reddy for his win, some accused him of ignoring them.

Those who have long worked for the party complained about being sidelined in favor of newcomers. They felt the party was treating them unfairly despite their efforts for the party’s victory. Questions were raised about why the district minister wasn’t invited to the parliamentary-level meeting. They criticized the exclusion of Konda Surekha, a former MLA, as unacceptable.

Meanwhile, similar factional clashes occurred in Palakurthy in the same Warangal parliamentary constituency. Jhansi Reddy, the Congress party in-charge, oversaw new memberships in Devaruppula mandal headquarters. In this event, supporters of former Devaruppula mandal Congress committee president Peddi Krishnamurthy Goud protested. The situation intensified, prompting Jhansi Reddy to leave the area. The police detained some faction members. It remains to be seen how these internal party disputes will impact the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.”


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