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Is the political scenario in that district transforming dramatically? Is the triangular fight unstoppable?

Is the political scenario in that district transforming dramatically? Is the triangular fight unstoppable?

The political landscape in NTR district, Milevaranam, is changing dynamically day by day. The fight for the bicycle party seat has already intensified with two leaders engaged in a fierce battle, and now with the entry of the third candidate, the heat is expected to rise even more. In this triangular fight for the seat, who will emerge victorious? Who will be shocked? The focus has now shifted to this matter, making the district a hot topic of discussion.

NTR district saw the initiation of a new Panchayat in the TDP recently. Presently, the seat of Milevaranam is witnessing a fierce competition between Devineni Uma and Bomasani Subbaravu. Recently, sitting MLA Vasant Krishna Prasad also confirmed joining the party. Soon, he will face off against Chandrababu in the party convention. Rumors suggest that Vasant Krishna Prasad is seeking the ticket for the Milevaranam seat. It’s known that differences exist between him and the senior leader Bomasani Subbaravu regarding this seat.

Former minister Devineni Uma is currently leading the TDP in Milevaranam. The recent survey results indicate that Devineni Uma is likely to receive the ticket. In contrast, Vasant Krishna Prasad has been ahead of Bomasani Subbaravu in the race for this seat. Devineni Uma is considering giving the ticket to someone else instead of Vasant Krishna Prasad. It’s known that there’s good support for Bomasani Subbaravu among the organizer class. The ongoing verbal war between Devineni Uma and Bomasani Subbaravu has heated up the Panchayat elections.

Besides Milevaranam, surveys are also being conducted in Penamaluru regarding Vasant Krishna Prasad, under the guidance of the TDP. Additionally, people’s opinions are being collected on Vasant Krishna Prasad and Bomasani Subbaravu. The TDP seems to have better chances of winning in Milevaranam, but the candidate selection will play a crucial role, as indicated by survey results. Chandrababu’s decision on this matter has become a matter of interest. It’s understood that having six contenders for one ticket might create problems for the bicycle party.


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