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“KCR in Bhuvanagiri election campaign.”

“KCR in Bhuvanagiri election campaign.”

“In the Telangana assembly election campaign, former CM KCR has been facing criticism. At the age of 58, he endured many hardships. During the Bhuvanagiri election campaign, KCR emotionally remarked that even if he loses his life, it’s a gain for BJP. He accused them of unjustly imprisoning his son and alleged harassment of women daily across the country. He mentioned the drastic fall of the rupee against the dollar in history.”

“In Bhuvanagiri election campaign, KCR said, ‘Do distances, pilgrimages, or tamarind rice ease our sorrows?'”

In the midst of the Telangana assembly election fervor, former Chief Minister KCR finds himself embroiled in controversy. Despite his 58 years of age and the numerous trials he’s endured, KCR has become a central figure in the Bhuvanagiri election campaign. During this time, he made a poignant statement, suggesting that even if his life were to be forfeited, it would be a political boon for the BJP.

KCR didn’t hold back, alleging that his son had been unjustly incarcerated and decrying the pervasive mistreatment of women across the nation. Furthermore, he highlighted the alarming depreciation of the rupee against the dollar, indicating a significant economic concern.

Accusations flew as KCR accused one party of leveraging religious sentiments to secure votes while threatening reprisals against those who support their political rivals. He contended that justice was being denied under BJP governance, pointing to unfulfilled promises of job creation and the deteriorating state of healthcare and education.

Turning his attention to the BJP’s failure in Telangana, KCR didn’t mince words. He asserted that even BJP MPs who had risen to ministerial positions in the central government hadn’t allocated a single rupee to the state’s development.

Despite his advanced age, KCR urged the populace to remain resilient and hopeful for the future of Telangana. He condemned the Congress for exacerbating inflation and exacerbating the struggles of everyday citizens, particularly in the agricultural sector.

In light of these challenges, KCR implored voters to make informed decisions during the parliamentary elections, emphasizing the need to oust the BJP from power.


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