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Lok Sabha elections on BJP’s

Lok Sabha elections on BJP’s

The Bharatiya Janata Party is aiming to achieve its highest ever seat tally in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, even surpassing its 2019 performance of 303 seats. The party led by Jagat Prakash Nadda has  already launched its election campaign with a theme song highlighting the NDA government’s achievements.

Nadda launched the song “Sapne Nahi Haqeeqat Bunte Hai, Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hain (we do not spin dreams, but weave reality, which is why people choose Modi)” in the PM’s presence on January 26.

Party chief JP Nadda launched the song “Sapne Nahi Haqeeqat Bunte Hai, Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hain” in the PM’s presence.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday launched its campaign for the 2024 general elections with a theme song that listed the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government’s achievements and said that the people chose Prime Minister Narendra Modi because he fulfilled promises and crafted reality, not just dreams.

Speaking to young voters at the same event, Modi then pitched for a stable government with a strong majority and asked them to defeat family-run parties, asking them to send suggestions for the party’s poll manifesto.

The song “Sapne Nahi Haqeeqat Bunte Hai, Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hain (we do not spin dreams, but weave reality, which is why people choose Modi)” was launched in the PM’s presence by party chief JP Nadda.

The little over two-minute song in Hindi highlighted the government’s milestones, from the historic moon landing of Chandrayaan 3 to the completion of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, schemes that empowered marginalised castes, women and the young, policy successes such as the Jal Jeevan Mission and foreign policy laurels such as the hosting of the G20 Summit in September 2023.

It summed the past five years of the NDA government as a period that saw the delivery and implementation of promises.

“Our youth is full of aspirations for a bright future. The world’s largest youth power has the responsibility of creating a capable, self-reliant and developed India. Under the PM’s leadership, the country has achieved historic goals. His address has infused new energy in all of us and has paved the way for our role in ‘building a developed India’,” Nadda said.

According to a senior party leader, the theme song explained why the BJP emerged as a preferred party for the voters. “The BJP’s development agenda, transcending boundaries of caste and religion, and PM Modi’s personal heft have been the biggest vote catchers for the party,” said the functionary, requesting anonymity.

The Lok Sabha elections are scheduled for April-May this year, when Modi is seeking a third straight term, hoping to become the first prime minister after JawHis opposition, a 28-party bloc called the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA), is aiming to undercut his appeal by focussing on local factors and regional issues but is facing fissures within.

The BJP’s theme songs for general elections usually capture the party’s main campaign thrusts. In 2014, the party’s narrative revolved around the promise of change.

The party released two tracks “Modi aane wala hai [Modi is going to come]” sung by popular singer Udit Narayan that reflected the hope and expectations of change from the then United Progressive Alliance government, and “Main desh nahi jhukne dunga [I won’t let the country bow down]”, penned by lyricist Prasoon Joshi and sung by Sukhwinder Singh, which included lines of Modi’s speeches about how he intended to usher in change and reverse damage to the country’s prestige.

“The conditions that prevailed in the country 10-12 years ago made the future look bleak. You may not even be aware of the conditions of those times. The generation before 2014 had given up hope about the possibilities we are talking about today,” the prime minister had said.

With the Article 370 already repealed and the Ram temple opened to public, the party is hoping that the upcoming elections will not only bring PM Modi to power for the third time, but also consolidate its hold in the Lok Sabha.

In 2019, the BJP had coined the slogan ‘Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar [Once more, Modi government]’ ahead of the polls to seek a second term for the NDA administration.

During the Union minister Piyush Goyal had predicted the NDA to win over 400 seats in the upcoming elections. He had also said that the BJP will win all 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh, the country’s most populous state.


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