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Track These 7 Sector Trends In 2024

Track These 7 Sector Trends In 2024

This year, one of the defining trends in multi-day adventure itineraries is the inclination towards group trips with friends and family, especially during quieter travel periods.

Anticipated trends in adventure travel for 2024, as projected by industry leaders, include a surge in demand for private group trips and increased bookings during shoulder seasons. Beyond physical challenges, active adventure travelers are expected to seek personal enrichment. Tour operators are responding by crafting itineraries that venture off the beaten track in more personalized ways. Here are seven key trends to keep an eye on in adventure travel for the upcoming year.

1. More Shoulder Season Demand

In 2023, September and October, traditionally the shoulder season in the Northern Hemisphere, emerged as the prime months for adventure travel. Anticipate the continuation of this trend into the current year.

2. Private Group Tours

During the shoulder season, there’s a noticeable uptick in the popularity of private active adventure group travel, as observed by Tom Hale, the founder and CEO of Backroads.

3. Northern Europe Sees Growth

While adventure travel bookings in Europe remain below 2019 levels, there has been noteworthy growth in specific countries like Portugal, Albania, Slovenia, Norway, and Finland, according to TourRadar.

4. Creating Transformative Moments

For numerous active adventurers, the significance of self-reflection and personal growth has heightened, notes Explore Worldwide, a UK-based adventure tour operator. In 2023, the company observed a 52% increase in walking holiday bookings compared to 2019, while Camino de Santiago tour bookings rose by 20% from the previous year.

5. Electric Bikes

Anticipate a surge in the popularity of electric-assist bikes this year. Backroads reported a substantial 43% year-over-year increase, spanning from 2019 to 2023, in its Dolce Tempo Easy going Active Tours, featuring electric and hybrid bikes. Notably, these tours, located in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as Italy’s Puglia and Tuscany regions, have gained the most traction.

6. Traditional Safaris Become More Active

A rising trend in active adventure involves infusing traditional safaris with more dynamic elements. Southern Africa tour operator Where It All Began notes a growing interest in combining wildlife spotting with activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, cycling, and trail running

7. Boats as a Base

The convenience of using small river or ocean boats as a central base for multi-adventure itineraries will persist, with guests preferring the simplicity of unpacking only once.

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