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“Coalition leaders must unite and work exclusively there.”

“Coalition leaders must unite and work exclusively there.”

“The Telugu Desam Party and Jana Sena Party leaders clarified why seats were allocated in the recent elections and provided direction on what should be done in the elections. However, they changed their stance and directed the coalition leaders to unite and work exclusively there.”

“The leaders of the coalition must come together and work shoulder to shoulder there alone.”

In the upcoming elections, why have alliances been formed and why are seats being allocated? Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Jana Sena leaders provided clarity on the seat allocation process. They have given directions on how to conduct themselves during the elections. However, they have emphasized that the coalition leaders should work exclusively there. Despite this, there has been a shift in the dynamics of the alliance, indicating that the coalition leaders are only concerned about their own interests there.

Votes should not be taken for granted, and all leaders should work together. However, the direction given to Kedar is not evident there. In terms of the seats allocated, Jana Sena has been given a significant number, while some TDP leaders who did not receive tickets are expressing dissatisfaction. The discussion has begun on what is happening in the organizing committee. What are the reasons behind the conflict between TDP and Jana Sena? Are they heading towards a split? These discussions have started.

A peculiar political scenario is unfolding in the Nellimarla constituency of Vijayanagaram district. Initially, the organizing committee of Nellimarla pledged support to TDP. The party has a strong cadre and voter base in this area. Several candidates engaged in a fierce competition for tickets. However, a significant portion of seats in Nellimarla has been allocated to Jana Sena by TDP. Consequently, Nagamadhuvi, a leader of Jana Sena, secured the ticket.

Nagamadhuvi is a financially influential leader and a successful businessman. In the 2019 elections, despite receiving only 7,350 votes from here, she contested for Jana Sena. Now, she is once again contesting as a candidate in the upcoming elections. However, TDP leaders in Nellimarla, who have been distant from Jana Sena, are voicing concerns about Nagamadhuvi being the only one who secured a ticket. They argue that it undermines their party’s morale. This controversy is gaining momentum.

Meanwhile, former Minister Pattivardhanaswamy’s family, along with Karrothu Bangararaju and Kandi Chandrasekhar, is actively participating in politics. They are attempting to influence the political landscape using their own agenda. However, the TDP is unhappy with the influence they have gained. They are worried that if such individuals continue to gain prominence, it could pose a threat to their electoral prospects. TDP leaders are also questioning the loyalty of some of their own cadres who are joining Jana Sena.

At the state level, TDP and Jana Sena leaders are energizing their cadres through public rallies, causing a split in the Nellimarla cadre. If they continue to divert their cadre’s attention through external campaigns, it will adversely affect the TDP cadre’s morale in Nellimarla. They are concerned about how this might impact Nagamadhuvi’s candidacy. Until now, TDP leaders have not been able to prepare their cadre in Nellimarla to join their party in the future. The political scenario is heating up!


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