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Here’s a possible design concept for the Apple Watch X

Here’s a possible design concept for the Apple Watch X

Anticipated for release later this year, Apple is poised to unveil its next-gen wearable, potentially dubbed the Apple Watch X or Series 10. Designers have crafted a concept envisioning a sleeker iteration, speculated to be the Apple Watch Ultra, boasting a built-in FaceTime camera. Reports suggest this innovation may redefine the smartwatch landscape.

Previewing the Apple Watch X concept: A potential glimpse
In a declaration provided to 9to5Mac, Lukas Gehrer, a designer from the German creative firm Wordsmattr, expressed, “Our team has dedicated over three months to crafting an intricate design concept and producing mockups for the Apple Watch X. Throughout this process, we’ve assimilated numerous speculations, patents, and updates pertaining to the forthcoming Apple Watch.”

The design of the Apple Watch X concept bears resemblance to the existing Apple Watch Ultra model. Nonetheless, the Ultra iteration features a more substantial build, whereas the envisioned Apple Watch X, according to rumors, boasts a slimmer profile with gently arched edges, departing from the entirely flat ones seen on the Ultra. Additionally, the concept showcases the potential appearance of a darker titanium Apple Watch variant.

Insights on the Apple Watch X Vision: Innovations and Speculations

This envisioned Apple Watch X concept incorporates a screen-integrated camera to facilitate FaceTime calls, alongside potential integration of a blood pressure sensor.

Speculation surrounds Apple’s ongoing development of a blood pressure monitoring feature for its smartwatch lineup. However, there’s no concrete evidence indicating imminent camera integration.

As per a prior Bloomberg report, the Apple Watch X is anticipated to herald the “most significant transformation yet” for the series. Rumors hint at a sleeker design, possibly introducing a novel magnetic band mechanism. This evolution may necessitate a departure from current watch band compatibility.

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