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Revant Reddy’s counter on KCR’s comments..

Revant Reddy’s counter on KCR’s comments..

Revanth Reddy responded strongly to KTR’s remarks about his lack of soul and respect for Telangana during the Telangana movement. He gave a sharp counter during the Mahbubnagar event, emphasizing that Telangana is the birthplace of struggles, where many activists have fought for the state. He highlighted the deep-rooted self-respect ingrained in the soil of Telangana and stated that this same spirit of self-respect is now manifesting politically.

Regarding criticism from the BRS and BJP about his behavior during Prime Minister Modi’s tour, Revanth Reddy countered by expressing his respect for Modi as the Prime Minister but emphasized that he confronted Modi with confidence and raised the issues affecting Telangana. He criticized both the BRS and BJP by asserting that the center should allocate funds to Telangana, or else Modi would face consequences.

Revanth Reddy also addressed the saffron party’s criticism about the previous government’s relations with the center, stating that Modi’s visit provided BRS with a new weapon to attack him, alleging that on one hand, they accused him of becoming Shinde, while on the other hand, they questioned his Telangana self-respect. Revanth’s reactions to these criticisms were anticipated during the Mahabubnagar Sabha.


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