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Target 400.! Kamal Nath aims for a hat-trick.. Targeting winning horses as the strategy.

Target 400.! Kamal Nath aims for a hat-trick.. Targeting winning horses as the strategy.

Target – 400…! The Kashaya party has set its sights. Aiming for a hat-trick.. Targeting 400 seats, the BJP high command is preparing. Right now, as the national council meeting of the BJP is taking place in Delhi, discussions about party strategies, organizational matters, and even the party president and prime ministerial candidates are taking place. There is considerable interest in what Prime Minister Modi will say to the cadre at the national council meeting tomorrow.

Another aspect… the focus is on the other side of the hat-trick! The BJP has shifted its focus to power. In 2014, the NDA coalition won 336 seats.. the BJP alone secured victory in 282 seats. Similarly, in 2019, the NDA won 353 seats… of which the BJP alone won 303 seats. Now, aiming for 370 seats on its own and 400 in collaboration with allied parties, the BJP is strategizing. The party aims to secure 160 more seats than it did in the 2019 elections. Focus is particularly on those constituencies. Moreover, they are making arrangements to contest in constituencies where there are no chances of winning for other parties, even poaching leaders from other parties and incorporating those constituencies into the BJP’s account. Under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi, the Congress party won more than 400 seats in 1984, creating a record. However, despite having the ability to wield power independently in the past elections, Kamal nath has fallen short of the 400-seat mark. In the upcoming elections, the BJP hopes to achieve this target. In this process, the BJP is currently focusing on contesting 60 to 70 more seats. They attribute this to the resonance of their manifesto’s promise of constructing the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. After the construction of the magnificent Ram temple in Ayodhya, Prime Minister Modi, along with the country, has been showering favorable sentiments on the BJP… party leaders are observing. In the past, from 2004 to 2014, they see an opportunity due to the failures of the Congress party. Therefore, they are focusing on directing the agenda towards warning the voters about the potential dangers of the Congress party returning to power. With that, they are confident that the strategies they have been implementing from 2014 to 2024 have brought victories to the BJP and have been accepted by the people. Hence, they are making plans for the next five years.


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