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The Apple Watch Series 10’s new display tech could transform the user experience. Let’s explore its benefits.

The Apple Watch Series 10’s new display tech could transform the user experience. Let’s explore its benefits.

Reportedly set to launch this year, the Apple Watch Series 10 may introduce a new display technology aimed at reducing power consumption and enhancing efficiency, potentially leading to significant improvements in battery life. A supply chain report suggests that the upcoming smartwatch will feature an upgraded OLED display utilizing low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology, according to The Elec.

While the OLED screens in current Apple Watch models employ LTPO TFT for just two switching transistors, the remaining transistors utilize the less efficient low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) technology.

LTPO surpasses LTPS due to its superior efficiency and power-saving capabilities.

The report details that Apple’s intended application of LTPO TFT for the OLED in the Apple Watch Series 10 involves applying oxide to the driving TFT and select switching TFTs among the 7 to 8 TFTs. In contrast, the previous LTPO TFT implementation in the Apple Watch utilized oxide for only two switching TFTs, with the remaining switching TFTs and the driving TFT employing LTPS technology.

Oxide replaces LTPS for the drive TFT, directly connecting to the OLED pixel in LTPO OLED. While initially used to reduce leakage current, oxide’s role expands in the new LTPO OLED. Panel vendors proficient in oxide technology may have an advantage.

Implications of Oxide Implementation in Apple Watch Series 10 OLEDs

  • Apple’s plan to apply oxide to select driving and switching TFTs in the Apple Watch Series 10 OLEDs means LTPS will only be utilized for remaining switching TFTs and circuits outside the pixel area.
  • This reduction in the role of LTPS suggests enhanced power efficiency in the OLED display of the Apple Watch Series 10.
  • The anticipated outcome is a significant decrease in battery drain, potentially leading to prolonged battery life for users.

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