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The unveiling of a patent for Apple Maps showcases upcoming features and their implications for users.

The unveiling of a patent for Apple Maps showcases upcoming features and their implications for users.

With an ongoing commitment to enhancing its navigation platform, Apple continually updates its Apple Maps app with fresh features, aimed at retaining users who might otherwise migrate to Google Maps. A recently unveiled patent, discovered by Autoevolution and attributed to the Cupertino-based tech giant, hints at forthcoming additions to the Apple Maps experience. Titled “User interfaces for customized navigation routes,” this patent application provides insight into the innovations Apple has in store for its mapping service.

Potential additions to Apple Maps that users can anticipate.

The patent introduces a feature in Apple Maps to tailor routes based on the user’s vehicle engine profile, already accessible in certain vehicles with integrated Apple Maps. This addition enables the app to recommend ideal refueling or charging stops, especially valuable for EV drivers, by assessing the vehicle’s fuel or battery status and suggesting routes within its range, enhancing driver convenience and efficiency.

Enhanced Features Expected in Future Apple Maps Updates:

  • In instances where the vehicle lacks sufficient fuel or battery life to reach the destination, Apple Maps will proactively locate nearby gas stations or charging stations. Additionally, the app will provide an estimate of remaining fuel or battery life upon arrival, empowering users to make informed decisions about their journey.
  • Another notable feature outlined in the patent involves Apple Maps utilizing the vehicle’s license plate to steer clear of restricted areas, with the app offering guidance to avoid navigating into such zones.
  • The patent also alludes to the introduction of advanced navigation tools, including detailed insights into the vehicle’s engine type, additional vehicle information, and the license plate number.

Please bear in mind that not all patented features may ultimately be integrated into the user experience. Further details regarding these upcoming features are anticipated to be unveiled at Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2024, commencing on June 10th.

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