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Which is better: iPad Pro or iPad Air?

Which is better: iPad Pro or iPad Air?

When it comes to purchasing a tablet, particularly an iPad, the decision can be challenging due to the subtle differences in features among various models. Without delving into technical specifics, discerning the best option becomes difficult. Selecting the ideal iPad depends largely on your intended use for the device.

Choosing the Best iPad: Entertainment vs. Professional Use


  • Opt for a lower-processor model with superior display and sound quality.
  • Prioritize features geared towards enhancing movie and TV show enjoyment.

Professional Use:

  • Consider high-end models like the iPad Pro or iPad Air with latest-generation processors.
  • Focus on performance-driven features suitable for completing professional tasks efficiently.

Factors to Consider:

  • Alongside the processor, evaluate RAM and internal storage capacity.
  • Ensure the chosen iPad meets your requirements for storage and multitasking capabilities.

Versatile Purpose:

  • If seeking a tablet suitable for both professional and entertainment purposes, consider the iPad Pro or iPad Air for their balanced features and performance capabilities.

iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Comparison

Build Quality and Design:

  • The iPad Air is renowned for its lightweight design, making it highly portable.
  • Both iPads boast premium and attractive designs.


  • The iPad Air 5th generation features the M1 chip, while the iPad Pro 4th generation comes with the M2 chip.
  • The iPad Pro, although slightly pricier, offers superior performance, ideal for professional tasks and design work.


  • Both tablets feature excellent displays, perfect for enjoying TV shows and movies.
  • The iPad Air sports a 10.9-inch liquid retina display, while the iPad Pro offers an 11-inch liquid retina display.
  • Aside from the screen size, there isn’t much difference in display quality.
  • For those primarily seeking an iPad for entertainment purposes, the iPad Air is recommended.

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